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  FORMATION: Akhila Kerala Ezhuthachan Samajam was formed in 1968, under the Leadership of Adv: I.S. Raman,Adv: M.A.Krishnanunny, V.K. Vasudevan, Adv:M.Krishnankutty, T.V.Sankaran Ezhuthachan, and a handful of others , with Viyyoor as its headquarters. The Samajam was registered in 1969 as Ezhuthachan Samajam, Viyyoor, aimimg at the up-liftment of the members of the community, which belonged to the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (O.B.C), under the Presidentship of Adv: I.S. Raman. The organisation was renamed as Akhila Kerala Ezhuthachan Samajam in 1970. Read more...

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C.N. Balakrishnan
Hon: Minister for Co-operation of Kahdi Village Industries
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